Board Minutes August 17, 2020


August 17, 2020


The Site Steward Program (SSP) continues to train Site Stewards, Land Managers and Regional Coordinators to the new online reporting database.  SSP Director Sean Hammond is training one to two regions a week and nine regions are open to ready to report electronically. Over 1,500 reports have been submitted this week!  

Annual conference logistics are a continuing discussion point.  The Yuma Hilton is the best location and has the best conference amenities, but costs are exorbitant. Our usual dinner and social hour are being affected by the still unresolved COVID-19 response and outdoor venues were discussed. 

Arizona Project Archaeology is meeting virtually to discuss two projects; creating an online teacher workshop and Hohokam Pithouse curriculum development.  

The Foundation's board election was finalized; Scott Wood was re-elected as Vice Chair, Kent Ennis was re-elected as Treasurer, Steve Boley was elected as Regional Coordinator (RC) representative, Jill McCormick was elected as Tribal Representative. Site Steward representatives for the Board are Jeri Meeks, Tee Cervantes, Pam Rottas and Elliott Thompson.  

The Social Media Policy committee met on August 14 and will present at the next board meeting.  The Website Committee continues to solicit feedback on the Foundation website and make updates.  Along with re-organizing the site we want to expand our donation options. 

Board Minutes July 20, 2020


July 20, 2020


The Site Steward Program (SSP) reporting database went live at the end of June!  It is available for Site Steward site visit reports to be filed electronically.  SSP Director Sean Hammond has held eighteen database training sessions so far.  More Land Manager and Regional Coordinator training sessions to come in August on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

The SSP has a new partners in the City of Scottsdale, Game and Fish and the McDowell-Sonora Preserve.  Also, Archaeology Southwest will offer a discount membership of $25 to Site Stewards, which will include their magazine.

The State Trust volunteer agreements expired in June 2020.  Sean Hammond has contacted the State Lands Department by phone and mail.  Also, Brooke Wheeler from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will speak to Hammond and Salge about the volunteer agreement. 

In a quick update Sean Hammond let use know that the annual conference will be a one-day virtual event.  Archaeology Southwest will present a workshop. 

Arizona Project Archaeology is meeting virtually and is focused on revisiting the grant Statements of Work (SOW) to accommodate a virtual teachers conference.  Also, AZPA will be developing an Arizona-centric curriculum using the Hohokam Pithouse.

The Foundation's mission statement was discussed and approved with a vote. 

Board elections are coming up.  We need a Vice Chair, Treasurer, one regional coordinator, four site stewards, two land managers, and one tribal representative. We will be voting at the August meeting.


Board Minutes June 15, 2020


June 15, 2020


Site preservation was the hot topic this meeting.  Very specifically the Black Flag group, which is sponsoring trips to sites and posting videos on social media.  John Welch of Archaeo SW talked with the Black Flag owner about preservation laws and old them they have to take down a video of Texas Hill site because it is privately owned. Land Managers (LM) are going to talk to Black Flag about re-posting videos.  Board Member McCormick would like to see all videos come down.  There is a phone conference this Tuesday with State Lands regarding a video of Picacho area, trespassing and no permits. Education is key.

The Site Steward Program continues data migration to the new database, which should be available for Site Steward reporting this month. Also, the Watch newsletter will be out this week.  The Foundation will link to both the newsletter and the reporting system once they are available.

Board member Cervantes asked for a clarification the identity of the Foundation's purpose.  We need this before we can fund-raise.

The Site Steward Annual Conference has been pushed back from November 2020 to March 12-14, 2021 because of the coronavirus outbreak.  Yuma will still host the conference. 

There will be a multi-state virtual conference in October. Director Hammond and Vice Chair Salge will be presenting. 

Arizona Project Archaeology is meeting virtually and is focused on revisiting the grant Statements of Work (SOW) to accommodate a virtual teachers conference.  Also, AZPA will be developing an Arizona-centric curriculum using the Hohokam Pithouse.

Board elections are coming up.  We need a Vice Chair, Treasurer, one regional coordinator, four site stewards, two land managers, and one tribal representative. 


Board Minutes  April 20, 2020


April 20, 2020


The Site Steward Program reporting system, via the new database, should be ready for Site Steward report submission in May.  training sessions are planned for Regional Coordinators (RC) and Land Managers (LM) in May.  

Site Preservation was discussed, both Site Steward protocols and AirB&B private tours. Traffic has increased but monitoring is going on.  There has been a noticeable increase in the South Mountain/Phoenix areas; people lack education on site protocols. 

Site Steward Annual Conference Planning update - the team is focused on logistics and funding/fund raising at this time.  A track organization is suggested; 1) site steward training, 2)knowledge gained and 3) the new normal after coronavirus. Is November still viable during Arizona's COVID-19 outbreak? 

The State Historic Preservation Office  (SHPO) has canceled the 2020 conference. Virtual sessions will be held over the next few months. 

Arizona Project Archaeology (AZPA) representative Meeks spoke about AZPA at the last Governor's Archaeology Advisory Council meeting. 

Foundation Chair Nicole plans to meet with Board Member Tee Cervantes regarding fund raising projects. 

There will be no May meeting.  The next meeting is June 15, 2020. 

Board Minutes March 16, 2020


March 16, 2020


The Site Steward Program database is accepting new Site Steward applications.  Once submitted, the applications will route to Board Member Battilana for a reference check and then to the appropriate Regional Coordinators for contact and training. Regional Coordinator training manuals are ready to send out. 

For Phase II of the database project, the Program had to negotiate another expense for data migration services. That done, the data migration from the old database to the new will take place over the next four weeks.  A Luke Air Force Base grant will pick up $2,500 of the cost.

The 2020 Site Steward Annual Conference Planning Committee is constituted with Board members, Yuma Site Stewards and the Colorado State Park Historian. Tentative conference dates are November 13-15. 

Arizona Project Archaeology (AZPA) announced that the March Teacher Workshop has been canceled due to the Coronavirus. AZPA has received grant funding from Arizona Humanities and the Institute for Heritage Education for workshop expenses.

The Tribal Nations Botanical Research Collaborative meeting is set for March 24, with nine Site Stewards speaking on how to identify and use plants.

Two Site Stewards have been nominated for the Governor's Awards. 

Board Minutes February 17, 2020


February 17, 2020


The Site Steward Program reported that the database is live for new Site Steward applications today.  Director Hammond will be training users to the system this week and Land Managers (LM) in coming weeks. The Foundation website has been updated to include an area map and Application.

Per a Governor's Archaeology Advisory Council (GAAC)  email, tribal cultural sensitivity training for Site Stewards might be in order.  All Site Stewards should get permission from their Regional Coordinator to visit non-assigned sites. Director Hammond will coordinate a meeting with State Parks Director and State Lands Department regarding cyclists going on and over sites in the Tucson area. Hammond is researching an Site Steward Ethics Annual Review.

The Foundation is organizing for the 2020 Site Steward Conference in Yuma Arizona. Board member Cervantes is in Yuma and will coordinate facilities and tours.  The Site Steward Program has grant funds for projects.  Hammond will emails Regional Coordinators for planning committee volunteers. 

Project Archaeology update - Board Member Meeks presented a Backwards Archaeology game at Arizona State University's Game day.

Pane for the Historical Preservation Conference set; Border Activity Impacts to Cultural Heritage Preservation. 

The Fund Raising Committee met. Funding levels, website update, AZ Gives Day, other outreach opportunities discussed.

Board Minutes January 17, 2020


January 17, 2020


The Site Steward Program database will be ready for applications next week, the Program will need to purchase security for the database and the paperwork is moving slowly.  Database reporting and data migration is still a work in progress.  Computer support for every region was disucssed.

The Tucson Regional Coordinator (RC) is resigning in February; there are four Area Coordinators but no one is interested in the RC position at this time.  Also in Tucson, the archaeologists will not use Site Stewards as of October 2019.  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will re-address this situation in 2020. 

Project Archaeology reported on forward movement on logo, vision statement and website.  AZPA is recruiting for it's first Teacher Workshop in March 2020.  With generous assistance from the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) they are applying for 2 grants for public outreach, travel, workshop expenses and website fees. 

Vice Chair Salge will host a five panelist discussion on the impacts of the new border wall at the Historic Preservation Conference. 

The Board discussed Article II, Section 2.03 of the Foundations ByLaws.  Board members did not feel that the goals and objectives of the Foundation need to be changed at this time.

Fundraising plan is needed and the Foundation will create a fund raising committee. Also, Board Member Boley will follow up on Arizona Gives Day and send a link to his Site Steward and AAS members.


Board Minutes December 13, 2019


December 13, 2019


The Board had an Annual Site Steward Conference wrap-up discussion.  All programming feedback was very positive. The only concerns were the lack of WiFi connection at, and the drive to, the Grand Canyon.  The fundraising through the Silent Auction, book sales, t-shirt sales and donations were tallied.  Reimbursement to Tohono Oodham for breakfast was discussed and approved. 

Treasurer Ennis applied for and received a CAGE code for the Foundation. CAGE system registration is required for many grant proposals. 

The Site Steward database should be up and running for new Site Steward applications January 2020.  A link to this web-based application system will be added to the Foundation website. Site Steward Program Director Hammond is planning webinar and site training for this new system. 

Arizona Project Archaeology (AZPA) requested two letters of support for grant proposal support.  The Pueblo Grande Museum will host "Dig and Drink" event to test out Backwards Archaeology - a hands-on AZPA exercise to be used in the March 2020 Teacher Workshop.  

Board Vice Chair Salge looking for AZ Historical Preservation Conference session panelists.

Both Simonis Board Members resigned.  Tee Cervantes was nominated - voted to be held in January 2020. 

Board Minutes October 11, 2019


October 11, 2019


With the Annual Site Steward Conference coming up quickly, there was no update from the Site Steward Program this month. 

The Foundation Board discussed Conference expenses, the Silent Auction fundraiser location, dinner speaker and travel stipends for award winners.   Project Archaeology and Board members Nicole Armstrong Best and Jeri Meeks will present two Project Archaeology sessions. The final pre-conference meeting at the Grand Canyon is on Thursday October 31, 2019. 

The Board approved $280 expense to print t-shirts for fundraising. 

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has purchased 100 Investigating Shelter books for Project Archaeology Teacher Workshops, scheduled for March 2020. The Foundation approved $300 for Project Archaeology conference table swag.  

The Foundation agreed to be the fiscal agent for Project Archaeology at no cost.

There will be no Foundation Board meeting in November, due to the Site Steward Annual conference.


Board Minutes September 13, 2019


Sept 13, 2019


The annual Site Steward Conference is moving forward - vendor Avenza was invited and sent materials on mapping and free software.  Project Archaeology will present two sessions on Investigating Shelter, an archaeology curriculum developed by Montana State University and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for grade school history teachers. The BLM will fund lodging cost for Regional Coordinators and State Parks will fund lodging for award winners.  The Foundation voted on and approved two $100 travel stipends to Regional Coordinators.  

The Site Steward Program continues to work on the new database, with ongoing meetings with developers.  This month's conversations focused on database reporting, what kind of data we need out of the system.  

Also, an issue regarding additional administrate oversite of BLM sites was discussed.  

The Foundation website was updated with conference information.  

The Foundation received two donations this month from a corporate sponsor and an individual supporter. 


Board Minutes August 16, 2019


August 16, 2019


The Boards first order of business this month was finances; payments for the Site Steward annual  conference vendors, conference scholarships, brochure mailings, banners and website fees were discussed and approved. 

Updates on the Site Steward Conference - the sessions are confirmed and the registration form is finished. The Watch newsletter will include the registration form with conference and lodging information.  The Watch newsletter, conference registration form and lodging information and Award nomination information will be posted on the Site Steward and Foundation websites.  Navajo and Oodham food trucks will provide native food for Saturday's breakfast.

Site Steward Director Hammond is working on a grant to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  He is also seeing grant monies for trail development and connections between OHV (off road) groups and protecting sites with signage, guard rails and signage. 

Chair Nicole Armstrong Best has been invited to join the Governor's Archaeological Advisory Board. 


Board Minutes June 21, 2019


June 21, 2019


The Board received an update from the Site Steward Program Director Sean Hammond on many topics; the Site Steward manual is under review for updates, the new database continues to be developed, and the Watch newsletter went out this month.  The volunteer agreement with the  State Lands Department is about to expire, with no new agreement set.  There can be no monitoring of State Lands sites this month. Arizona Game and Fish will be adding sites from their areas. There is tribal interest in becoming Site Stewards and the McDowell-Sonoran Preserve volunteers would also like to become Site Stewards. 

Site Steward Conference sponsor solicitation letters went out today.  Registration for the conference will begin July 3, 2019. 

The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) conference went very well.  The Foundation sponsored a table. 

The Pueblo Grande Museum anniversary was featured in the American Archaeologist magazine. 

Board members Nicole and Jeri head to Montana for Project Archaeology training.

 The Board will take a summer break, no meeting in July 2019. 


Board Minutes May 24, 2019


May 24, 2019


Board election results were announced; Nicole Armstrong Best - Chairman, Ruthanna Battilana - Secretary, Dave Salge - Vice Chair.  New Board members are Don and Marcia Simonis  -Site Steward Representatives and Shelley Rasmussen - Director at large.  

The Board received an update from the Site Steward Program; Director Hammond visited several regions including Pescott, Payson, Kingan and Page.  The new Site Steward database is in development.  The Forest Service cost-sharing agreement grant is in discussions.  BLM grant cycle has opened.  

Updates on the Site Steward Conference - workshop topics identified.  Social hour expenses sponsored by the Foundation - expense approved by vote. 

The Foundation is watching the Heritage Fund bill this legislative session - the Heritage Fund is re-established but no monies are attached. 

Dave Salge has been appointed to the American Archaeology Magazine Editorial Advisory Board. 


Board Minutes April 22, 2019


April 22, 2019


The Board received an update from the Site Steward Program Director  Sean Hammond regarding the new database and upcoming Site Steward Conference.  the database roll-out has been delay do to security issues. Arizona State Parks and Trails (ASPT) will pay to build the system and maintain it. 

Project Archaeology trainees for this summer's program in Montana have been selected.  The State Historic Preservation Office would like to make Project Archaeology the youth component the state's programming. 

Site Steward Conference funding was discussed, along with schedules and programming

Website update, requested updates completed. 

Archaeology reports donated as Silent Auction items.

Board member ballots being prepared. 


Board Minutes March 22, 2019


March 22, 2019


The Site Steward Program is working on a new database, based on a grant system, that would allow Site Stewards to report time through a web portal. 


Site Steward Program Director Sean Hammond visited several regions and spoke with Regional Coordinators. Chapters 1-3 of the training manual have been completed by a working group. 

The Board received a conference update regarding lodging, camping, food, programming, silent auction and awards. 

Project Archaeology summer training in Montana. Possible coordination with State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) for Archaeology Month. 

We are tracking Heritage Fund House and Senate bills this legislative session.

Board nominations needed before April meeting.

Board Minutes February 22, 2019


February 22, 2019


The Board received an update from the Site Steward Annual Conference Planning Team lead Sean Hammond and Board Member Dave Salge.   Conference dates, workshops, speakers and logistics were on the table. ASSPF trifolds will be printed for distribution at the event.

The new Arizona Sate Parks and Trails (ASPT) director wrote a letter for the Watch newsletter and it should be out in the next week.

HB 2701 – Heritage Fund  and HB 1241 – Heritage Fund legislative bills were discussed. SHPO is active in these discussions with State Representatives and Senators.

There was a call for Governors Archaeology Advisory Commission (GAAC) award nominations for the 2019 Arizona Historic Preservation Conference in Prescott AZ, June 12-14.


Board Minutes January 23, 2019


January 23, 2019


The Board received an update from the Site Steward Annual Conference Planning Team lead Sean Hammond and Board Member Dave Salge.  The conference is currently scheduled for October or November at the Grand Canyon. Sean discussed his outreach regarding programming, day trips, awards, registration, Native American food providers and the silent auction.  We discussed presentation topics and speakers.  Contracts for lodging and RV space were also discussed.

Site Steward State Coordinator Sean Hammond updated the Board on Program initiatives; Arizona Sate Parks and Trails (ASPT) park staff and volunteer site/cultural etiquette training and a meeting with Ability 360 staff to discuss ADA compliant website updates. Sean also announced several ASPT staff hires and new Regional Coordinators (RC). 

State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Kathryn Leonard announced new director and staff hires, legislation they will be watching this session and no Archaeology Month programming this month due to staffing.  They are revising their programming approach and will focus on  education in schools.

There was a call for Governors Archaeology Advisory Commission (GAAC) award nominations for the 2019 Arizona Historic Preservation Conference in Prescott AZ, June 12-14.

Board Minutes December 21, 2018

Site Steward Coordinator Sean Hammond had several program updates; Land Manager (LM) and Regional Coordinator (RC) meeting on December we went well; site visit will be cancelled if the federal government shuts down due to insurance issues; the 2019 Site Steward Conference will be October 4-6 at the Grand Canyon with proposed theme "Many Regions, One Goal"; lodging contracts discussed; desert survival stipend for presenters will need to be considered. Speaker and topic made; will Russell on Havasupi cultural sensitivity, Arizona State Museum on burials. Foundation Chair Nicole Armstrong Best will put together sponsor request letters. Dave Salge will be Conference Chairman. 

Board member Jeri Meeks continues to improve the website layout and utility.

Board Member Steve Boley talked a AZ Gives day on April 12.  We need information from the treasurer to set up our participation.  there are competition levels that earn more money, we need to investigate and re-discuss in the February 2019 meeting.

Board Member Mary Wright spoke about the need for an archival backup or file system for Arizona Site Steward Program Foundation (ASSPF) documents. Jeri said that Board documents are online in our private/secure Google Drive.  Jeri has sent out a link giving all Board member access to this drive.

Jeri has submitted the Arizona Site Steward Program Foundation 2019 Legislative Public Body renewal  to the Arizona Secretary of State. As the organizations lobbyist she has also filed the 3 and 4th Quarter Expense report to the Secretary of State's office.


American Archaeology Magazine's fall issue features an article on Site Stewards repairing fences.  Winter issues will have an article by Will Russell .

Board Minutes November 16, 2018

The Board received an update from the Site Steward Program Director Sean Hammond, the program has hired a new intern to do outreach to college students. There have been many check in visits to regions. Site steward recruitment and training videos were discussed with Land Mangers and Regional Coordinators. 

Website updates were requested. 

Funding strategies were discussed. 


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