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Site Steward Training

The Site Steward Program is focused on supporting it's volunteers with quality training opportunities. Volunteer training involves at least 10 hours of classroom instruction and field training. The training sessions include antiquity laws, crime scene management, artifact, site and feature identification, and map & GPS reading. 

NEW!  The Foundation's 2022 education initiative will make training videos available to our volunteers on this website!

Training Videos
Munguia Ranch Film by Site Steward Kiersten Dunbar Chace 

password: Cascabel2022

"This is an educational film produced for and supported by the Arizona Site Steward Program, Arizona Bureau of Land Management, and Arizona State Parks. 

In the 18th and 19th centuries, mestizo families from the Tucson Presidio area populated and developed ranches near the San Pedro River which provided cattle and produce to Tucson and surrounding forts. Surnames such as Soza, Apodaca, Gamez, Araiza, Pacheco, and Vasquez are just a few of the families that thrived and prospered along the beloved river and contributed greatly to the development of Tucson.

One of these ranchers was Don Tomás Munguía, whose home still stands along the San Pedro River after 135+ years. In 2005, preservation archaeologist Jacquie Dale, submitted the Munguía homestead to the Arizona Site Steward program for protection and monitoring. 17 years later, filmmaker and site steward Kiersten Dunbar Chace, visited the Munguía site to monitor and document the home. In the process, she learned of her own connection to Munguía's rich Arizona ancestry, dating back to the 18th century."

Entering Vandalism Reports

Join Sean Hammond as he walks us through the process of entering a vandalism report into the Site Steward Database. 

In addition, you may download a How Stewards Submit Hours & Vandalism Reports in the Database guide HERE.

And you may download Submitting Reports in the Database - Word version, no photos HERE.  

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