The Arizona Site Steward Program Foundation (ASSPF) works in collaboration with the Program Coordinator, Regional Coordinators, State and Federal Land Managers, Tribes, and Site Stewards. 

ASSPF is here to provide assistance to the Site Steward Program and help find ways to improve its function and performance. It will provide support for training Site Stewards and sharing expertise through collaborative volunteer efforts. 

ASSPF will solicit funding for the program through grants, corporate sponsorships, and private tax-deductible donations that can be used for Site Steward training, the annual Site Steward Conference honoring our Site Steward volunteers and Arizona Project Archaeology which uses a science-based curriculum to teach Archaeology in Arizona schools. 

ASSPF will also sponsor public education and preservation outreach to help the Site Steward Program communicate its goals and needs to the general public and promote consideration for the value of protecting cultural resources as a vital part of the heritage of our shared past in Arizona. This will, in turn, generate public support for the program and help to recruit new Stewards. 

ASSPF sponsors and serves as the fiscal agent for Arizona Project Archaeology. Developed by Montana State University and the US Bureau of Land Management, Project Archaeology provides a fully developed, interdisciplinary science-based Archaeological curriculum for 3rd-5th graders, in compliance with 2019 Arizona History Standards. 

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