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The Site Steward Program Foundation is recruiting new Board members to help us move forward with the many initiatives tied to our 2021-2024 strategic plan. The Foundation intends to support the Program through education and the development of volunteer resources and grant facilitation, K12 and public education, community outreach, corporate alliances, and cultural recognition.

We are looking for site steward, regional coordinator and land manager representatives for this next term. We also have At -Large positions available that do not have to be filled by Site Stewards, Land Managers or Regional Coordinators. At-Large board members will provide fundraising, social media, website management, community outreach skills, educator experience and/or Tribal representation.

The deadline to apply, or submit a name for consideration, is June 15, 2022. Please join us HERE

to learn more and let us know you are interested.

Every year, the Arizona State University community comes together with its community partners to celebrate Sun Devil Giving Day, a day of giving in which donors like you give generously to support what matters most to them. The Arizona Site Steward Program Foundation is pleased to partner with the ASU College of Integrated Sciences and Arts to create online heritage preservation training for Site Stewards and Project Archaeology. We welcome your support of this important project!

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