Nicole Armstrong-Best


This is a headshot o Nicole Armstrong-Best.  Nicole has fair skin, brown shoulder length hair and brown eyes.  She is smiling broadly.  Nicole is wearing a black print top with a lanyard around her neck.

Director of Pueblo Grande Museum since 2015. Previously served as the Chief of Community Stewardship at Arizona State Parks, which included responsibility for archaeology, collections, curatorial support, volunteer and non-profit engagement, and educational programming. Nicole is a Project Archaeology Master Teacher.

J. Scott Wood

Vice Chair

J Scott Wood_edited.jpg

Worked for Tonto National Forest for 40 years, retiring as Forest Archaeologist in 2015. During that time, was constantly involved in the preservation and interpretation of cultural resources in Arizona, working with volunteers,and promoting public archaeology and the importance of incorporating citizen scientists in archaeological research. Helped found the Site Steward Program  and worked with the program as a land manager and trainer of new stewards. Scott is a Humanities Scholar for Arizona Project Archaeology. 

Ruthanna Battilana


This is a headshot of Ruthanna Battilana.  Ruthanna looks like somene you want to meet, her sunkissed skin, short white-gray hair and brown eyes portray an adventurous life. Ruthanna is wearing a green tshirt and has metal wire rimmed glasses.  She is smiling for the camera.

 Juvenile Probation Officer in Maricopa County 1969-1999. M.A. in Indian Education from ASU. Taught high school history and government 1999-2010.

Kent Ennis


This is a headshot of Kent Ennis.  Kent has an Arizona tan, high hairline, brown eyes and wire rimmed glasses. He is wearing a bright blue button down shirt with a small white geometric patteKent is smiling for the camera. n.

Joined Arizona State Parks as Assistant Director for Administration in 2009.  Became Agency Deputy Director, Administration, in 2012. Responsible for budgeting, HR, IT, and most agency programs. Retired from State Parks in 2015. Also Deputy Director of the Arizona Department of Commerce 2004-09.

Steve Boley

Board Member and Site Steward

S Boley_edited.jpg

Steve is a student of archaeology. Born in Globe, he often visited the Besh-Ba-Gowah Archaeological Park and developed a love for archaeology.  Steve graduated from Pima Community College in 2017 and has plans to continue his education at the University of Arizona to obtain a degree in anthropology, with a concentration in archaeology. He is a member of Arizona Archaeologic and Historic Society, a Naturalist at Sabino Canyon and a member of the Watershed Management Group, which works to conserve the Sonoran watersheds. Steve was certified as a Site Steward in 2015.

Tee Cervantes

Board Member


Tewana (affectionately known as "Tee") Cervantes joined the Site Steward Program in 2018. Tee feels connected to the sites through her own Native American heritage.  Her passion is to help our organization educate through the Annual Conference and to raise funds that will enable more education and awareness. Employed by the City of Yuma as a Grants Writer, Tee has decades of public administration experience as a practitioner and educator. 

Jill McCormick

Board Member and Historic Preservation Officer

This is a headshot of Jill McCormick.  Jill has fair skin and short curly light brown hair.  She iswearing a light green jacket, black top and a pearl necklace.  She is standing against a medium brown background.

Historic Preservation Officer for the Ft. Yuma Quechan Tribe.  Previously Cultural Resources Manager for the Cocopah Tribe for 12 plus years.   Site Steward Regional Coordinator for the Yuma Region for 20 plus years.  Associate Professor of Anthropology at Arizona Western College. 

Jeri Meeks

Board Member and Site Steward

A Site Steward for seven years, Jeri supports the Program and Foundation with her 30 years of not-for-profit business management experience, grant writing and website support skills.  She is a lobbyist for the ASU Retirees Association and the Arizona Site Steward Program Foundation. Jeri is a Project Archaeology Master Teacher. 

Doug Newton

Board Member and Site Steward

This is a headshot of Doug Newton.  Doug is bald with a full white beard and mustache.  He is wearing wire rimmed glasses and a dark tshirt. He is sitting in his office, with gold shear curtains and a desk lamp behind him.

Doug has been a site steward for 26 years.  His first site was in the Eagletail Mountains, which he monitored for 10 years. He then became the regional site steward (RC) for the Tonopah region which includes the Gila river, the Sonoran Desert National Monument and places in-between. After retirement he obtained a degree in Plant Biology from Arizona State University, which facilitated his flora research in the Eagletail Mountains.  In addition to being the RC of the Tonopah region I became the RC for the Central Arizona region, covering Pinal County.

Shelley Rasmussen

Board Director-at-large

Shelley Rassmussen_edited.jpg

Shelley Rasmussen joined the Site Steward Program in 1992, and has served as a Regional Coordinator since 1994. In 1998, Shelley moved to Wickenburg and worked to better align the Salt River Region sites with Cave Creek, Bumble Bee, Tonopah and the new Hassayampa Region.
She is credited with bringing over 100 sites into the Program and has been actively training new Site Stewards for over 20 years. Shelley has
contributed more than 28,700 volunteer hours to the Site Steward Program, adding more than 50 hours a month to the monitoring and reporting of sites across multiple regions - leveraging a good working relationship with Land Managers to ensure the Program’s continued success.

Pam Rottas

Board Member and Site Steward

I became a site steward in 2012 and believe that working to preserve our state's archaeological heritage is a responsibility we need to fulfill for future generations. I am an avid hiker, and am grateful for every opportunity to enjoy the beauty of our state. After retiring from a full time career in special education, I have continued to work as an assistive technology consultant and also serve as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for children in the foster care system. 

Dave Salge

Boar Member and Regional Coordinator Representative


Dave joined the Site Steward Program in 2014. He is serving on the Governor's Archaeology Advisory Commission (GAAC) as Chair of the Public Education Committee and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for American Archaeology magazine.  Dave, as an employee of Wells Fargo since 1983, is a VP & Technology Manager with systems operational responsibilities in the U.S. and numerous international countries.  He also serves on the Board for the San Tan Historical Society and Arizona Llama Rescue. 

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