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The Site Steward Program 

The Arizona Site Steward Program is an organization of volunteers, in partnership with public land managers of Arizona (US Forest Service, AZ State Lands, BLM, and other jurisdictions), whose members are selected, trained and certified by Arizona State Parks & Trails (ASPT). The chief objective of the Stewards Program is to deter the theft of antiquities and report to the land managers any destruction or vandalism of prehistoric and historic archaeological and paleontological sites in Arizona through site monitoring.

How To Become A Site Steward

Help protect Arizona's irreplaceable cultural resources by becoming a Steward of the past. If you are interested in becoming a Site Steward view the information on the Site Steward Program webpage at HERE. If this is something you would like to do please  register and complete an application HERE.

Please visit the Arizona State Parks Site Steward Program webpage for all of the latest news~

Also, if the great outdoors doesn't call to you the Site Steward Program also needs volunteers for community outreach and administrative duties.  There's something for everyone!  Contact the program at

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