Would you like to become an

Arizona Site Steward?

Are you interested in protecting and preserving Arizona's cultural and heritage resources?

Arizona Site Stewards are selected, trained and certified by the Arizona State Parks and Trails. The chief objective of the Stewards Program is to report to the land managers the destruction or vandalism of prehistoric and historic archaeological and paleontological sites in Arizona through site monitoring. Stewards are also active in public education and outreach activities. For more information about the program please visit their website HERE

Due to COVID-19 and the challenges with training new applications, the Site Steward Program is not taking applications at this time. This is a temporary change and we ask that you check back in February 2021 for an update. The Program continues to monitor and protect Arizona's cultural resources. 

Site Stewards work with Regional Coordinators in 25 different Arizona regions.  To identify which region would work best for you, please view the 2020 Arizona Regional map. 

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