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Arizona Site Steward Program Foundation

Through strategic fundraising and public education, we ensure the sustainability of the Arizona Site Steward Program's role in monitoring and preserving cultural resources. 


By all means, get to know us...

You've chosen a great time to get involved. We are a new organization and there is plenty of room for fresh ideas and voices new to us!


Our Foundation was established in 2017 because dedicated Arizona Site Stewards wanted to ensure that our more than 800+ volunteer member- organization would always have a structure of support to continue our mission of monitoring prehistoric and historic archaeological sites. 


Our objectives are few and specific, this makes it relatively easy for our community members to decide how they can help.


We provide public awareness and education about cultural resources and we fundraise to support the Arizona Site Steward Program. 

Enough about us for now...

"Where do you see yourself fitting in?"





  • We seek financial and in-kind donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, and grant-making agencies for the purposes of supporting the educational and public outreach activities of the Arizona Site Steward Program and our own direct initiatives. 


  • We are the primary financial sponsor of the Annual Site Steward Conference, which is a state-wide training event, coordinated by the Arizona Site Steward Program (ASSP).  The Conference is aimed at providing vital seminars on safety, legislation, and procedures and recognizing the outstanding contributions of hardworking volunteers. 


Raising Public Awareness

  • Through a variety methods, we inform the general public (to include elected officials) of the archaeological, historical, and cultural importance of resources that site stewards monitor.  


  • We promote better understanding and cooperation among all groups concerned about the preservation of cultural resources by recommending certain seminars for the Conference and by helping the formation of strategic relationships.


  • We promote cultural sensitivity concerning Native American history.



  • The Foundation champions Arizona Project Archaeology, which provides a fully developed interdisciplinary science based Archaeological curriculum to 3rd - 5th grade history teachers. 

Our Sponsors and Partners

 The Arizona Site Steward Program Foundation

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AES is the next-generation energy company with over
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 How You Can Help 

 The Arizona Site Steward Program Foundation is incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Arizona. Private donations are invaluable for supporting the goals of the Foundation. We invite you to invest in cultural resource protection by making a donation today.  Contributions at every level are appreciated. 

 We are a tax-exempt organization (ID #82-1543349) and your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Please contact us for more information  HERE.

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